About how I discovered that what I always took for granted as a child is actually my true passion in life. The connection with nature, the healing power of nature and that our body is capable of so much.

"My life energy started to flow from the moment I started reconnecting with myself and nature and could and did not want to be anything other than my authentic self."

Living according to the rhythm of the day. From a loving connection. I know who I am. Why I'm here. And what wants to be manifested through me. Our life is a great learning and growth process. This is something to embrace so that we can live our lives despite all challenges, in harmony, happy and in good health.
And I wish that for everyone.
As a child from the farm, I grew up in nature, which was also my beacon of peace due to difficult circumstances. Due to all the events around me, I suffered from migraines as a child for which no medical cause could be found.
In my grandmother's kitchens I adopted their passion for cooking with fresh products. Preparing pure food from what the land gives us. How to prepare delicious food and how to store it in the winter so you can enjoy it together. The door was always open to everyone.
Good food in addition to social is a standard in my life.
As a child I was always found outside or in the kitchen. At school I wrote my first papers about the effect and power of weeds, which I think are beautiful.
As I grew older and became more in contact with others, I lost myself for a while. Drugs, alcohol, unhealthy food made me even further away from myself and nature. I had no idea what I wanted in life anymore and started to wander.

My father sometimes said; “You are looking for something and you don't know what.” Inside I had an emptiness.

By just participating and following suit, I thought I would put this aside. Learn, work hard, build a career and always strive for more and better. The result was a burnout and I came to the conclusion that I was only living outside of myself as the perfectionist and striver.
An important lesson to give life a positive turn. Getting married, having children and quitting work to focus entirely on the family. Everything about someone else except myself. Until I got a call after participating in the population survey. Madam, we have already scheduled the operating room for you. The world stands still and you think they are calling the wrong person.

"Life had me on my knees"

I couldn't have imagined a bigger change. Yes, my mother has dealt with cancer several times, but you don't realize that this can also happen to yourself. A few years later you are diagnosed with a rare eye disease and you will go blind. We cannot say with certainty how long this will take.
In addition to my own experience of illnesses and vague complaints, I also experienced this in my own family and environment, some of which are not regularly recognized. This has piqued my interest. Various naturopathic disciplines have opened my eyes to the fact that healing can also be done differently.
Yes, you start looking because there is no cause or solution. Until I found out that there is also a meaning behind a disease. A message, a lesson and there is more than just being physically ill. I had to take a good look at myself.
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The relationship between body and mind. What lifestyle, nutrition and deficiencies do to people. How to address the body's self-healing capacity. I started taking various consciousness courses. Connecting with myself to discover what my true passion has been since childhood.
Health, nutrition, healing power of nature, connection with nature and that everything is energy. The things I never dared to talk about as a child because you were afraid of being considered crazy turned out not to be so crazy after all.
Body and mind are inextricably linked. I started studying again. After basic medicine, I specialized in Orthomolecular, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine because the cause behind the ailment is the basis of healing. The body consists not only of body and mind but also of a spiritual and energetic body.
As a therapist and coach, I have guided people in my own practice for years to achieve balance in all areas. To feel really fit again, to cure or improve diseases and complaints and to live life with passion again.
However, I noticed that because health insurance reimburses all consultations and additional blood tests, people were not always motivated. How much I was working with passion myself. Always motivating while there is a group that never moved from its place.
As a test, I took some people to my house in Portugal. I wanted to know what happens when you are in a different environment, experience what food does to you, or whether you can find the motivation to take charge of your own life again.


With 25 years of education and training in the field of medicine, awareness training and coaching, I dare to say that I am an expert in my field.
What I have experienced in my work as a therapist and coach is that stress, a busy life in combination with a healthy diet can ultimately be sickening and cause complaints such as fatigue, obesity, sleeping problems, hormonal imbalance or abdominal complaints.
Stress, loss of self-love, crossing your boundaries and then letting life guide you. Where you can no longer say no with your head, your body will do it for you. I see it as my mission to guide women and men to stay healthy both physically and mentally. With care and attention so that they are at the helm of their own optimal life. Based on self-love, you will make choices that are good for you. Let your life energy flow again. Allow passion into your life.
Throughout my life, I have always been looking for balance and the best version of myself. I wanted balance between my talents, work and private life, reason and emotion, effort and relaxation, development and acceptance.

"I now feel like the best version of myself."

This is what I strive for in my work and want to pass on so that you too can be the best version of yourself and you are at the helm of your own life.
"The risk you run is more peace, space, freedom, happiness and health in your personal and professional life."
With love, Carola




I think it is important to communicate openly and honestly. To act honestly and conscientiously based on the knowledge I have. To live life as my authentic self.
I am often told that I speak openly, which I experience as a compliment.


Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance is for me the basis of our existence. A learning and growth process that we spend our entire lives doing.
I believe that self-love and a healthy lifestyle are essential for ultimate life energy.


For me, integrity is the basis on which I work. Respect for your standards, values ​​and process. I share my wisdom and create a safe foundation so that you feel confident and can open yourself up to growth and healing.
Your process and growth matter to me.
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If you start working with me, you will experience the following:
  • Getting to know your body and looking at yourself. Reach your own loving core and start making choices that suit you based on self-love.
  • Experience what healthy food does to you. Learning to feel what suits you. How to apply this in your life to live energetically and vitally.
  • Gain insights about your life, your behavior and everything that throws you out of balance. This allows you to start living from your authentic self, instead of from your wounded self.
  • Connecting your head, heart and body. This means that you will no longer go through life like a walking head and will experience less doubt.
  • There is room for love, courage. , creativity and self-expression
    These qualities are naturally released through the activation of your life energy and the broader consciousness that you have received


"As an entrepreneur, I often experience pressure to work hard, where food is often a quick snack and exercise is rare. Sometimes the stress is too much for me. I really needed a break, but then I feel guilty just thinking about it. to do nothing for a week. In the meantime I could earn money! I made the decision to go when I read what a retreat can do for you. I thought, "I want that too", it has changed my life and there I am I'm so happy about that."
"Due to my health problems, work and family life are sometimes difficult for me. Because I wanted to get rid of my medication and live in a healthy way, I came to Carola where I followed a personal program. This has changed my life so much and it would benefit everyone. can recommend, Thank you!"
— Natalie V
"I went blank into the Health Reset program and didn't know what to expect. The changes exceeded all my expectations and I feel strengthened in my path to innovation."
— Marian v B
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