Our goal is to help you open the door to a clear mind, renewed energy and a sense of mental and physical balance.
Many of us live at a constant pace. Our days are full of work, housework, caring for others and trying to balance everything. It's time for a break. Time for your well-being. A detox weekend can help to restore balance in your life.
With our detox weekend, there is a good chance that you will feel refreshed and recharged. We are here to guide you in 'cleaning up' yourself - both physically and mentally - to achieve more clarity and energy. A detox weekend is a way to take a break, put your busy life on hold and focus on rest and self-care.
Our Detox weekend offers you the opportunity to clean yourself physically and mentally, to rest, nourish and restore your system. After just a few days you will feel lighter, more energetic and complaints such as bloating will have diminished.
Our Juice Detox program is often described as life-changing. Freshly prepared 100% organic juices and nutritious soups are combined with regular yoga practice and meditation. Alternating baths, colonics, liver packs, walks and massage treatments are expertly designed to complement our programs. But we also leave enough time for you to rest, relax and reflect, in the peace and quiet of these beautiful surroundings.
Rest and enjoy the beach, the serene lagoon or the swimming pool. Pamper yourself in the jacuzzi and a villa with a private room where you can catch your breath and have plenty of space to retreat.
The retreat is limited to a maximum of eight guests at a time. This ensures that everyone has time dedicated solely to them, so we can focus on your needs. Whether you are looking for a retreat to relax and recharge or would like to start a healthy lifestyle change.



√ your digestion functions optimally again. A detox can reduce digestive problems such as bloating and constipation.
√ lose a few extra pounds. Please note that the greatest weight loss during a week is due to the removal of excess fluid and stored waste. Yet it can be a start to weight loss and a new eating pattern.
√ by removing toxins and other unwanted substances from the body, your mental and physical health improves.
√ after a few days the clarity in your head increases and you can experience peace.
√ your body will shine again due to the cleansing from within. Skin problems will diminish and your skin condition will improve.
√ by fasting and resting your system your resistance will increase. You can see a detox as an immune boost and contribute to reducing stress.
√ fasting, silence, rest, movement contribute to a moment for self-reflection and deeper awareness.

One of the basic principles of naturopathic medicine is: "detoxification is healing to maintain natural balance and prevent diseases."


We offer a fully guided Organic Juice Fast. All our products are organically grown and sourced locally where possible, within a 15 km radius - the majority of our products are supplied from the certified permaculture farm in our village.
You get 2 shots, 3 large juices every day and nutritious soup in the evening.
Our menu is organic, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. We cater to guests with allergies and intolerances and are happy to discuss your needs with you.
Unlimited filtered water and herbal teas during your stay.
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  • Lisbon airport transfer times are adjusted at the last minute to suit all participants *
  • 4 nights full board in a private room with bathroom
  • Cleansing organic juices and soup from our own farm or local farmers
  • Personal attention and guidance during dismantling, treatment and construction.
  • 2 joint activities per day consisting of walks, yoga, mindfulness, meditation
  • Various Yoga forms
  • Daily liver pack Alternating
  • baths in mineralized water
  • A lecture on nutrition
  • Unlimited mineralized water and herbal teas
  • Ayurvedic body massage 90 minutes (possibly multiple treatments can be booked on site)
  • Walking excursions to various beaches and sea
  • Use of (bath) towels and bathrobe
  • Daily foot baths
  • Sun, sea, beach, yoga & working on your total health
  • Goodies, tools and information for home

Note: prior to the retreat, complete a questionnaire so that we gain insight in your health status.

*When booking, please take the arrival and departure time into account in connection with the transfer or contact us if you want to know the arrival and departure times of other participants. The last day there is a program until after lunch and it is preferable to leave at the end of the day. If you are not satisfied with the stated transfer times, you can plan these yourself at your own expense.


The value of the all-inclusive wellness detox weekend is €1075. If you come together and share the room, €925 per person. Payment in installments is possible, please feel free to contact us.
Note: When you book alone, you will never be assigned to a room with someone else. For us it is important to create space for your own process.

February 28 to March 3, 2024
May 16 to 20, 2024

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Carola organizes the retreats in her own home. Small-scale and with personal attention. Together with a professional team you will be immersed in an experience with love for you.
Relaxation, enjoyment, letting go and insights. Everything is good and there should be.
Your moment to give direction to your life. A physical and mental detox. Your body back in balance and full of passion. Carola and her team provide you with the tools to engage in the process because ultimately it is you who makes the change. Your self-healing ability and all knowledge is already within you.
As 'Retreat Portugal' we believe that self-love and a healthy lifestyle are essential for ultimate life energy.
More about Carola >


Register for next year until December 31 and receive a €224 early bird discount


Do you want to know how your health is doing? Then take the detox test!

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