Experience your own feelings and needs.
Deepen your relationship with your partner.
Meet each other on a deeper level.
Learn, connect, enjoy and relax together.

Tantra is about connection. How you can connect more deeply with yourself, and therefore with others. It's about self-love, and how you can see, feel and connect from your heart. In this retreat we do exercises in which you learn to establish a deeper connection with yourself and learn how to connect more deeply with your partner from there. We do exercises in which you learn to feel your desires and boundaries, you learn to communicate in an authentic way and exercises that help you let go of limiting beliefs. And you will experience how that gives you space to be more yourself, in an authentic way and how you feel much more energetic and free.

We do many exercises based on Tao Tantra. In this view, sexual energy is seen as your life energy. And letting this life energy flow is essential to feel healthy, vital and free. This weekend is not about sex, and we do not perform sexual acts. We do do exercises in which you learn to feel your own life energy, let it flow again, in which we connect in an authentic and sometimes vulnerable way, and in which you learn to exchange your sexual energy with your partner. All of this will certainly influence the way you experience sexuality.

Whether you are curious about Tantra, already have experience or are curious about what this can mean for you and your partner, you are welcome. All shapes, types & combinations of couples are welcome. You will do all the exercises in this retreat together.

This weekend we will do individual exercises and exercises with each other. Exercises and techniques that help you get more into your body, feel your sexual energy and how you can experience more intimacy and connection. If you want to discover what tantra can do for you, this is a safe and warm place to do so. Experience with tantra is not necessary. All you need is an open heart and the willingness to discover something new about yourself and your partner.


√ Learn techniques from the Tao Tantra to feel and let sexual energy flow throughout your body, and to exchange this energy with your partner
√ We do rituals and ceremonies that bring you into contact with the deeper layers of your being and that help you to let go of old patterns or limiting beliefs
√ We work with the spiritual, connecting and healing power of sexual energy
√ Learn to better feel and communicate your desires and boundaries
√ Feel a deeper connection with your partner
√ Feel a renewed 'sparkle' - just like that phase when you just met each other and are madly in love
√ Experience a deeper level of connection and intimacy with yourself and your partner
√ Get inspiration and practical tools to explore sexuality and lovemaking in a experience it in a completely different way
An all-in-one journey of discovery for couples who want to learn, connect, enjoy and relax together. That is the energy of this weekend where we will experience what tantra can and cannot be. Maybe push boundaries, discover new things by looking outside your comfort zone. All this within a safe environment because growth requires safety and trust. Because: Without safety no contact, without contact no intimacy, without intimacy no love, without love no sexuality, without love and sexuality no zest for life!

♡  Participating in a Tantra weekend can feel exciting, and that's okay. Some exercises will feel awkward or uncomfortable because they deal with themes such as shame, sexuality, desires, etc. In order to open and grow, safety and trust are extremely important. That is why we pay a lot of attention to creating a safe setting. We create an environment in which you are invited to move outside your comfort zone in a safe, respectful and loving way. Your boundaries are always respected, and we pay a lot of attention to communication and coordination around consent. No sexual acts ever take place in our workshops and weekends. This retreat includes exercises in which nudity is welcome, but never mandatory or essential.

♡ Tantra is about daring to be vulnerable and exposing yourself. Sometimes literally. Nudity is welcome in a number of exercises, such as tantric massage. Also choosing to keep your clothes on. What feels right to you. We will always respect your own boundaries.

♡  This weekend is not therapy. We will invite you to step out of your comfort zone every now and then, and it is important that you can feel good about yourself and take care of yourself. Are you currently experiencing depression, an intense therapy process or a burnout? Then this is not a suitable time to participate in this course. If in doubt, please contact us.


Release work, energy work, powerful meditations, movement and body work. The program will be diverse, in a safe setting we will discover deeper layers step by step. We have a toolbox full to support you in this process. What we will use is a combination of practical exercises, body work, assignments and knowledge about sexuality from connection. We are going to create a temple in which we honor the feminine and the masculine, a coordinated healing and massage. In short, discover, experience, feel, experience and connect and much more!


  • Lisbon airport transfer times are adjusted at the last minute to suit all participants *
  • 4 nights full board in a private room with bathroom
  • Vegetarian, vegan meals tailored to allergy, intolerance or preferences
  • Unlimited mineralized water, fruit water, herbal teas and coffee
  • Daily movement consisting of Qi kung or yoga
  • Workshops
  • Use of (bath) towels and bathrobe
  • Personal guidance


november 6 - 10 2024

Note: on the last day there is still a program until after lunch.


This 4-day all-in-one journey of discovery for couples who want to learn, connect and enjoy together costs 1430,- per person.

The retreat is limited to a maximum of eight guests at a time. This ensures that everyone has time dedicated solely to them, so we can focus on your needs. Each couple stays in their own bedroom with an ensuite bathroom.

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