Unlock your potential, embark on a transformative journey.
Take time to rest, recharge, and begin a transformative journey. Embrace true relaxation, nourish your body and mind, and free yourself from the demands of everyday life. Feel the energy and clarity rising within you as you discover what you truly desire.
Imagine the profound impact this would have on both yourself and those around you
Portugal is the ideal destination to fully recharge, become aware and transform life. A place where you can stay in an inspiring environment, reset yourself and gain new energy.
Energie Retreat believes that creating a stimulating environment is essential for personal growth and awareness. Our beautiful location offers the perfect setting to immerse yourself in a world of inner transformation, new insights and creative ideas. Whether you want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, are looking for personal growth or just want to refuel, you will find what you need here.
Healthy and nutritious food is central during this week. Our experienced chefs prepare culinary delights with love and passion that not only pamper your taste buds, but also energize your body.
By choosing healthy and honest food, you give yourself the fuel to function optimally and be completely in balance.
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The Energy Retreat offers more than just a physical reset. We understand that true transformation begins with changing old thought patterns and healing trauma. That's why we offer a wide range of workshops, coaching sessions and therapeutic activities. Our expert counselors help you let go of limiting beliefs and embrace positive changes, so that you can live in freedom and balance again.
Wellness and luxury are of paramount importance. We attach great importance to personal attention, which is why we keep the groups small. Whether you want to enjoy invigorating massages, take part in relaxing yoga classes or unwind. Here you have the time and space to focus and recharge. Your agenda is blocked, allowing you to completely relax without distractions and gather new energy for the challenges that await you.
Give yourself the ultimate gift of an Energy Retreat and discover the power of transformation and awareness. Come to us and let yourself be recharged on a deeper level

Claim this opportunity for self-care and watch it unfold into a remarkable journey of personal growth and empowerment.

Call us for a no-obligation consultation to answer your questions immediately!



I have to admit that at first I didn't know exactly what to expect and it was even a bit exciting, but as soon as I experienced the feeling of safety and warmth upon arrival, I knew I had made the right decision. And that security remained all week. The conversations, massages, yoga classes and delicious food all contributed to creating an unforgettable experience. Time and again I was surprised with new insights that inspired and enriched me. It was wonderful to participate in these different activities and experience everything with a sense of genuine connection with myself and the people around me.
The beautiful nature and the nice walks have touched me deeply and have always sparked great conversations. It was as if the environment itself was a stimulus for reflection and growth. I felt truly blessed to be in this place and surrounded by so much beauty and serenity.
Carola, I cannot thank you enough for the loving guidance and creating an environment in which I felt so welcome. Thanks to you and your retreat, I am not only going into the world a little wiser, but I also feel lighter, with renewed energy and resilience. This whole experience was truly an amazing gift to myself that I will cherish forever.
I can recommend it to anyone looking for a profound transformation and inner peace. This retreat met my expectations

"Coming home to yourself", that is the best description of this week. I gained wonderful energy during this retreat. I arrived very tired a week ago, but now I go home with a lot of energy. It was really a relief. One of the most special aspects of this week were the massages. They were absolutely fantastic and did wonders for my relaxation and well-being. Laura in particular gave great massages. I would like to take her to the Netherlands!
The warm and peaceful atmosphere during the retreat was also very nice. I could really relax and enjoy the silence and nature around me. I also found the conversations with other participants very valuable. Sharing experiences and insights has helped me to reflect and grow on a deeper level.
Finally, I found the information shared during the sessions pleasant and educational. It has given me new insights and I feel inspired to apply this knowledge in my daily life. Thank you, dear Carola, for this wonderful week. I feel reborn and look forward to my future retreats with you!
- Simone Arentz de Kort

Together with my wife we ​​had an unforgettable week. It was surprising on all fronts! The food was extremely tasty and everything was well prepared. We learned a lot, and Carola was always willing to provide detailed explanations. Her thorough knowledge of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle was truly impressive.
The yoga classes were excellent, and the massages were simply superb. We were also able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and visited some beautiful places.
Our group consisted of five people, and although we spoke to each other a lot, we also had plenty of time for ourselves. It was nice to notice that nothing was mandatory and everyone had the freedom to follow his or her own path. As the only man among the women, I felt completely at ease.
We are very grateful for all the tips and valuable knowledge we have gained about healthy eating and living. We will definitely take this into our daily lives.
Thank you to the entire team for this wonderful experience. We look forward to the future and will definitely come back!
- Dirk Koopmans


How much value do you attach to your health, zest for life, to yourself as a person? Your body is your means of transportation. There is no one specific thing or pill that ensures that everything runs smoothly.
We travel a road, with bumps along the way as we grow as people. If a car has driven 100,000 km, how many maintenance and repairs has it had? The better we take care of our car, the more we enjoy it.
In addition to detoxifying your body, a reset is also detoxifying your mind. We are one whole; body, mind, energetic and spiritual body. Everything interacts with each other. It is not without reason that we have the term 'The meaning of being ill'. Behind every illness there is also a mental cause. It is not just the input of the wrong fuel as with a car, but all mental and energetic input that causes you to lose balance.


An oasis of peace and positive energy awaits you at Casa Costa Prata, where you will be welcomed with open arms and a warm smile. While enjoying the beautiful view, you can relax by the refreshing pool or be pampered in the jacuzzi.
Start your day with a relaxing yoga session on the beautiful beach on the Costa Prata. Feel the soothing power of the waves as you balance yourself with every movement. After yoga, a tasty surprise awaits you - a delicious organic and vegan meal that will nourish you and give you energy for the day.
Pamper yourself and relax completely with enchanting massages that relax and revitalize your body and mind. Feel the tension melt away as experienced hands apply gentle pressure, transporting you to a deep state of relaxation.
The Energy Retreat also offers tools and techniques to transform your health. Discover new ways to care for yourself and get acquainted with practical methods that you can integrate into your daily life. This retreat is an opportunity to experience a new dimension of awareness and increase your energy levels.
Discover the beautiful surroundings during a relaxing walk. Be enchanted by the lagoon, become one with the beach and be amazed by the impressive rock formations. Every moment in this breathtaking nature contributes to your feeling of serenity and peace
The Energy Health Retreat in Portugal is a week in which you really recover and give your life a new direction. Reset physically and mentally, get back into balance and gain insight into what you really want. What is your passion and what does your best life look like so that you can manifest it. You do this in a small group of 4-8 participants according to a sophisticated program.
Give yourself a big gift by planning a week for yourself. Out of love for yourself!
Enjoy your life! Refuel and get a sense of your own path again. What is important to you, what makes you happy? And from that point of view, become the driver of your body and life again. With full energy and good health, manifest what makes you happy.
Be honest: What do you think of people who feel good about themselves? Do they radiate energy and good health or do they remain small and dejected? Peace and balance is what we all want in life.
The fact is that it all starts with you. Caring for your own health and happiness based on self-love is not selfish. With a health retreat you bring yourself back into balance so that you can face your bright future on your own terms and in your own way.


  • Lisbon airport transfer times are adjusted at the last minute to suit all participants *
  • 6 nights full board in a private room with bathroom
  • Culinary enjoyment based on vegan mild fasting with local, organic products.
  • Coaching in your health
  • 1 on 1 consultation Carola
  • A lecture about nutrition
  • Workshops and tools to manifest your most beautiful life
  • Personal attention and guidance in reduction, treatment and construction.
    2 joint activities per day consisting of walks, yoga, mindfulness, meditation
  • Various Yoga forms Alternating
  • baths in mineralized water
  • Unlimited mineralized water, fruit water and herbal teas
  • Cleansing Organic food from your own garden or local farmers
  • Ayurvedic body massage 90 min and Aromatouch body massage 60 min (possibly book several treatments on site)
  • Walking excursions to various beaches and the sea
  • Intuitive painting session
  • Excursion to the historic town of Obidos
  • Use of (bath) towels and bathrobe
  • Daily foot baths
  • Sun, sea, beach, yoga & working on your total health
  • Goodies, tools and information for home
Note: prior to the retreat you complete a questionnaire so that we gain insight into your health status and the issues you want to work on.
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*When booking, please take the arrival and departure time into account in connection with the transfer or contact us if you want to know the arrival and departure times of other participants. The last day there is a program until after lunch and it is preferable to leave at the end of the day. If you are not satisfied with the stated transfer times, you can plan these yourself at your own expense.


Ѵ Have you lost a lot of old thoughts, behavior, feelings, traumas, blockages, pain and fears
Ѵ Are you full of insights and new ideas about your life
Ѵ You can take the next steps in your life that you need with great clarity
Ѵ Are you full of self-confidence, do you have a radiant smile and your eyes are shining again?
Ѵ Regain balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. And manifest from love for yourself to your desired life. That which really makes you happy. That is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


The value of the all-inclusive wellness health retreat is 1999,- If you come together and share the room, 1700,- per person. Payment in installments is possible, please feel free to contact us.
Note: When you book alone, you will never be assigned to a room with someone else. For us it is important to create space for your own process.

DATE 2024

  • 15 - 21 Januari
  • 26 februari - 3 March
  • 18 - 24 March
  • 8 - 14 April
  • 22 - 28 April
  • 27 may -  2 June
  • 17 - 23 June
  • 30 September -  6 October
  • 21 - 27 October
  • 18 - 24 November


Register for next year until December 31 and receive a €224 early booking discount.
To reserve your place I ask for a deposit of €200.


Carola organizes the retreats in her own home. Small-scale and with personal attention. Together with a professional team you will be immersed in an experience with love for you.
Relaxation, enjoyment, letting go and insights. Everything is good and there should be. Your moment to give direction to your life. A physical and mental detox. Your body back in balance and full of passion.
Carola and her team provide you with the tools to engage in the process because ultimately it is you who makes the change. Your self-healing ability and all knowledge is already within you.
As 'Retreat Portugal' we believe that self-love and a healthy lifestyle are essential for ultimate life energy.
More about Carola >
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